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Increase your rental charges with refurbishments

One way to make the most of the profits generated out of your buy-to-let property is to give it a revamp, so you can charge more rent for the same space.

You might simply want to give the area a lick of paint or change the carpets and curtains; while this doesn't seem like a large job, small changes could help boost your rental income, as the property will become more appealing to prospective tenants.

By painting the walls a cream colour, for example, this will give the impression of a blank slate, thereby allowing residents to add their own character to the property. Likewise, installing a neutral-coloured carpet or having wooden floors will provide a fresh, clean look.

There are other ways to refurbish your buy-to-let property that can help boost your monthly returns even more. If your kitchen and bathroom are outdated, for instance, it is worth thinking about replacing them.

Many tenants will be put off by old-fashioned suites and kitchens, so you could decide to invest in simple, modern units and fixtures. Not only will these look more attractive to future tenants, but they are also likely to remain popular styles for years to come.

If your buy-to-let-mortgage is for a small property, it is worth thinking about ways you can give the illusion of more space. This could be achieved by painting the walls a light colour and installing spotlights in the ceiling. By making prospective tenants think the area is bigger, you could command a higher rental income.

Investing in refurbishing your buy-to-let property may turn out to be a profitable move, as the house or flat is likely to be more popular among renters and, therefore, this demand for the space might justify an increased rental charge.

Make energy efficient changes

Another reason to refurbish your buy-to-let property is to improve the energy efficiency of the house or flat.

Many tenants now look at the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) of homes to get an idea of whether they might have to pay high fuel bills due to inefficiencies such as cavity drafts and outdated central heating.

By installing insulation in the walls and loft, making sure windows are double-glazed and fitting draught excluders, you could improve the energy efficiency of the property and lower potential tenants' heating costs.

At Landlord Centre, we provide an EPC service, to allow you to get a free quote for the energy rating of your property.

Find buy-to-let mortgage quotes with Landlord Centre

Purchasing a rental property is a big investment, so you're likely to want to make each decision after a lot of consideration. You can begin the process by taking a look at buy-to-let mortgage quotes, where you will find a range of different loan options and costs from various lenders.

With Landlord Centre, you will be able to use our buy-to-let mortgage calculator to find out what financial products you can expect to receive from providers. A basic quote gives you can overview of the best products available, depending on how much money you want to borrow and the value of the property.

Getting an advanced buy-to-let mortgage quote, on the other hand, will allow you to receive more detailed information about each product, so you are able to make an educated decision over which will be most suitable for your needs.

Finding out what type of buy-to-let mortgages are available will give you a good indication of what you are likely to be paying back each month, and therefore will allow you to determine how much rent to charge.

This might be pivotal in helping you choose where to buy your property - picking somewhere you can command a higher rent perhaps - or how much attention you give to redecorating the home to boost your rental income.

You can also talk to one of our team members, who, with more than 20 years worth of experience, will be able to help you to choose which product you go ahead with from the buy-to-let mortgage quotes you receive.

Why not also take a look at our FAQ page, where you might find answers to any queries you have?

So, if you want to make a tidy profit with your property, begin your search for buy-to-let mortgage quotes at Landlord Centre today.