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LenderGross fee paid by lender
Accord 0.50%
Aldermore Basic Rate 0.60%
Aldermore Higher and Additional Rate 0.60%
Aldermore HMO Basic Rate0.60%
Aldermore HMO Higher & Additional0.60%
Aldermore HMO Ltd. Company0.60%
Aldermore Ltd Co0.60%
Aldermore MUB Basic Rate0.60%
Aldermore MUB Higher & Additional0.60%
Aldermore MUB Ltd Co0.60%
Axis Bank Specialist 0.85%
Axis Bank Specialist Ltd Co0.85%
Axis Bank Standard 0.85%
Axis Bank Standard Ltd Co0.85%
Axis Product Retention Specialist0.35%
Axis Product Retention Standard0.35%
Bank of China0.00%
Barclays Portfolio Landlord0.35%
Bath BS Basic Rate 0.50%
Bath BS Ex-Pat Basic Rate0.50%
Bath BS Ex-Pat Higher Rate & Ltd Co0.50%
Bath BS Higher Rate & Ltd Co0.50%
Bath BS HMO Basic Rate0.50%
Bath BS HMO Higher Rate & Ltd Co Basic Rate0.50%
Bath BS Holiday Let0.50%
Bluestone Clear0.80%
Bluestone Tier AAA0.80%
BlueZest Experienced Landlords0.78%
BlueZest Light Refurb0.78%
BM Further Advance0.44%
BM Solutions Basic Rate 0.44%
BM Solutions Higher Rate0.44%
Buckinghamshire Building Society0.80%
Buckinghamshire Building Society Ltd Co0.80%
Castle Trust Bridge2.00%
Castle Trust Second Charge2.00%
Dudley Ex-Pat0.35%
Dudley Exclusive0.35%
Family Building Society0.50%
Family Building Society Expat Semi Exc0.50%
Family Building Society Ltd Co0.50%
Fleet HMO0.70%
Fleet Ltd Co0.70%
Foundation First Time Landlord0.85%
Foundation First Time Landlord Ltd Co0.85%
Foundation HMO0.85%
Foundation HMO Ltd Co0.85%
Foundation Large HMO/MUB0.85%
Foundation Large HMO/MUB Ltd Co0.85%
Foundation Large Loans 0.85%
Foundation Short Term Let Ltd Co0.80%
Foundation Short Term Lets0.80%
Foundation Special Remortgage0.85%
Foundation Standard 0.85%
Foundation Standard Ltd. Co0.85%
Godiva Basic Rate0.40%
Godiva Higher Rate0.40%
Hanley Economic Exclusive0.40%
Hinckley & Rugby0.40%
Hinckley & Rugby Semi Exclusive0.40%
Interbay Ex-Pat Specialist1.50%
Interbay Ex-Pat Specialist Ltd Co1.50%
Interbay Ex-Pat Standard 1.50%
Interbay Ex-Pat Standard Ltd Co1.50%
Interbay Semi-Commercial1.50%
Interbay Specialist1.50%
Interbay Specialist Ltd Co1.50%
Interbay Standard 1.50%
Interbay Standard Ltd. Co1.50%
Kensington HMO/MUFB0.50%
Kent Reliance Ex-Pat Specialist0.70%
Kent Reliance Ex-Pat Standard0.70%
Kent Reliance Large HMO/MUFB Ltd Co0.70%
Kent Reliance Large HMO/MUFB Personal0.70%
Kent Reliance Single Dwelling Ltd. Co0.70%
Kent Reliance Single Dwelling Personal0.70%
Kent Reliance Small HMO/MUFB Ltd. Co0.70%
Kent Reliance Small HMO/MUFB Personal0.35%
Landbay 0.85%
Landbay Ex-Pat0.85%
Landbay HMO0.85%
Landbay HMO Ltd Co0.85%
Landbay Ltd Co0.85%
Leeds Building Society0.50%
Leeds Building Society Easy Start0.50%
Leeds Building Society Holiday Lets0.50%
Leeds Building Society Product Transfer0.50%
Magellan Complex Additional Rate 0.80%
Magellan Complex Basic Rate 0.80%
Magellan Complex Higher Rate 0.80%
Magellan Complex Ltd. Company0.80%
Magellan Standard Additional Rate0.80%
Magellan Standard Basic Rate0.80%
Magellan Standard Higher Rate 0.80%
Magellan Standard Ltd Co0.80%
Monmouthshire Building Society 0.00%
Monmouthshire Building Society Holiday Let1.50%
N & P Ltd Company0.75%
NatWest BTL0.45%
NatWest International0.45%
NatWest Semi-Exclusive0.45%
Newcastle Building Society0.50%
Paragon Non-Portfolio - Basic Rate 0.75%
Paragon Non-Portfolio - Ex-Pat 0.75%
Paragon Non-Portfolio - Higher and Additional Rate 0.75%
Paragon Non-Portfolio - Holiday Let Basic Rate0.75%
Paragon Non-Portfolio - Holiday Let Higher and Additional Rate0.75%
Paragon Non-Portfolio - Scotland Basic Rate0.75%
Paragon Non-Portfolio - Scotland Higher and Additional Rate0.75%
Paragon Portfolio - Basic Rate and Ltd Co0.75%
Paragon Portfolio - Ex-Pat Ltd Co0.75%
Paragon Portfolio - Ex-Pat Standard and Ex-Pat LLP 0.75%
Paragon Portfolio - Exclusive 0.75%
Paragon Portfolio - Exclusive HMO/MUB1.00%
Paragon Portfolio - Higher and Additional Rate0.75%
Paragon Portfolio - HMO Basic Rate and Ltd Co 0.75%
Paragon Portfolio - HMO Higher and Additional Rate 0.75%
Paragon Portfolio - Holiday Let Basic Rate and Ltd Co 0.75%
Paragon Portfolio - Holiday Let Higher and Additional Rate 0.75%
Pepper Money0.80%
Pepper Money Limited Edition 0.80%
Precise Bridging Loans1.00%
Precise Portfolio Landlord Additional Rate0.80%
Precise Portfolio Landlord Basic Rate 0.80%
Precise Portfolio Landlord Higher Rate0.80%
Precise Portfolio Landlord Ltd. Company0.80%
Precise Refurb Exit 0.75%
Precise Refurb Exit HMO 0.70%
Precise Refurb To Let1.00%
Precise Tier 1 Additional Rate0.80%
Precise Tier 1 Basic Rate 0.80%
Precise Tier 1 Higher Rate0.80%
Precise Tier 1 HMO/MUFB Additional Rate0.80%
Precise Tier 1 HMO/MUFB Basic Rate0.80%
Precise Tier 1 HMO/MUFB Higher Rate0.80%
Precise Tier 1 HMO/MUFB Ltd. Co0.80%
Precise Tier 1 Ltd. Co 0.80%
Precise Tier 3 Basic Rate 0.80%
Saffron BS Ex-Pat Semi Exclusive0.70%
Saffron BS Semi Exclusive0.70%
Saffron Light Refurbishment0.70%
SBI Specialist Basic & Ltd Co0.75%
SBI Specialist Higher & Additional0.75%
SBI Standard Basic Rate0.45%
SBI Standard Higher & Additional0.45%
Shawbrook Bank Ex-Pats0.50%
Shawbrook Large HMO & Student Let1.00%
Shawbrook Simple BTL0.75%
Shawbrook Simple HMO0.75%
Shawbrook Specialist0.50%
Skipton BS Basic Rate 0.50%
Skipton BS Higher Rate0.50%
Skipton Exclusive0.75%
Skipton International0.60%
Swansea Building Society0.30%
The Mortgage Lender HMO/MUFB0.80%
The Mortgage Lender Ltd. Company0.80%
The Mortgage Lender Standard Basic Rate 0.80%
The Mortgage Lender Standard Higher Rate 0.80%
TMW Basic Rate0.44%
TMW Higher Rate0.44%
TMW HMO0.44%
TMW Large Portfolio0.54%
TMW Large Portfolio HMO0.54%
TMW Let to Buy Basic Rate0.44%
TMW Let to Buy Higher Rate 0.44%
TMW Ltd Co0.44%
TMW Product Transfer0.20%
Together Bridging Finance 0.75%
Together Prime Additional Rate0.75%
Together Prime Basic Rate and Ltd Co0.75%
Together Prime Exclusive Additional Rate1.75%
Together Prime Exclusive Basic/Ltd Co1.75%
Together Prime Exclusive Higher Rate1.75%
Together Prime Higher Rate0.75%
Together Specialist Exclusive Additional Rate1.75%
Together Specialist Exclusive Basic Rate/Ltd. Co1.75%
Together Specialist Exclusive Higher Rate1.75%
TSB Mortgages0.39%
Vida 1 Basic Rate & Ltd. Co0.85%
Vida 1 First Time Buyer 0.85%
Vida 1 Higher Rate 0.85%
Vida 1 HMO/MUB Basic Rate & Ltd Co0.85%
Vida 1 HMO/MUB Higher Rate0.85%
Vida 2 Basic Rate 0.85%
Vida 3 Basic Rate & Ltd Company0.85%
Vida 3 Higher Rate 0.85%
Vida 4 Higher Rate 0.85%
Vida 4 HMO/MUFB0.85%
Vida Ex-Pat Basic Rate0.85%
Vida Expat Higher Rate 0.85%
Vida Premier Basic Rate & Ltd Co0.85%
Vida Premier Higher Rate0.85%
Virgin Money0.45%